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  Written by PLAN LUXE. Everybody wants to be "that girl". I see thousands of videos on tiktok and insta where girls share tips to...

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Hi babe! We are super excited you are here!

We see you're curious & wanna know more about PLAN LUXE right? 
Well, we love everything that has to do with Luxury!

Maybe we won't have the same definition of Luxury, because to us Luxury has nothing to do with designers brands, expensives cars or houses! For us Luxury is a lifestyle! It is a way of living that brings you to look for anything or any experiences that offer a sense of elegance, beauty & "raffinement" like the french say.
Luxury aims to bring a certain transcendence in our daily lives!
And we are here to show you how babe!

Every Monday, on PLAN LUXE, We'll talk about Beauty, Fashion, Wellness & so much more, to bring what we call "Modern Luxury" at your feet baby!

The goal behind this is to share tips, advices & hacks that are affordable to everyone because everyone deserves to live a luxurious life, don't you think?

We hope everything we post will be useful to you, & please tell us what you think on the comment sections below our posts (spoiler alert: We're curious too !). 

Welcome to the PLAN LUXE family!


PS: Share the hacks from my posts with your best friends, & bring them in, let's grow the PLAN LUXE CLUB together babe!