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  Written by PLAN LUXE. Everybody wants to be "that girl". I see thousands of videos on tiktok and insta where girls share tips to...

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 Written by PLAN LUXE.

Everybody wants to be "that girl". I see thousands of videos on tiktok and insta where girls share tips to help other women "upgrade" their lifestyles.

But what does "that girl" exactly mean? Who is she?
Stay right here babe because I'm about to explain everything!

Let's get started!

"That girl" is a powerful woman. When she enters a room she shines, makes jaws dropped. She is not only elegant, beautiful, but also very intelligent and educated. She has a feminine presence no one else has. She is memorable. Charismatic. Hynotic.

She is not a virtual character you can't be. Every woman already has everything to become "that girl" and glow up. You just need to change your lifestyle, habits to match your new reality.

So where do you start? It's pretty easy! Follow those steps and you'll be "that girl" in no time!


Not only sport is good for your health but it is also good for your mental health. Since the beginning of the covid crisis most of us suffer from anxiety and depression, lack of motivation and so on. One thing that will help you out is sport. Of course you should seek the help of a therapist if needed.
You should practice sport at least 1hour three times a week.
Choose a sport that makes you happy. A sport you want to master and admire your glow up as time goes by!


Mastering the art of Skincare is way better than mastering the art of make-up. Why? Simply because the results will last for years. Having a great skin at 50 is the result of great skincare in your 20's and 30's.
I've already wrote about what products you should use on your skin to look great all the time. Read the article here.

💋No make up look

Minimal make up is the signature of "that girl". She doesn't use heavy make up, as it makes you face dull over time and makes your features harsh. Minimal make up is refreshing like her vibes.
Apply mascara, rosy tinted lip balm. No foundation as it is too heavy, instead invest in good skincare products. Vitamine C in the morning, Retinol at night.

💋 Chic outfits

This one is important. That girl is always elegant. It doesn't mean she only wears skirts, on the contrary, you can be elegant no matter your style if you follow the rules explained on my article here

💋Healthy Diet

Now that we worked on our physical apparence, let's now focus on what is the most important: OUR HEALTH.
Eating junk food will damage your health and skin over time. Personally, I get pimples, a dull face if I eat too much fast food!
Avoid alcohol, instead drink plenty of water, and fruits/vegetables juice. Your skin will thank you.
Try to eat more vegetables and less meat.
Stay away from candies, they are too much chemical products that are bad for your health!
Learn how to cook, as it is the best way to enjoy eating healthy! Go to Pinterest and find "easy healthy meals", I swear, you'll love to cook afterwards!


"That girl" is not only pretty, healthy, she is also intelligent and cultivated! They are millions of beautiful girls outside but only a few are as beautiful as educated.
Get your degree, learn a new langage, read books,  educate yourself! It is the best way to stand out! !
Ways to have some culture:
-go to museums
-go to art galleries
-read new books
-talk to intelligent strangers
-ask questions to experts
-watch documentaries instead of netflix series

💋Learn etiquettes

That one is MAJOR! YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED TO HAVE GOOD MANNERS IF YOU WANT TO STAND OUT. Today, everybody can achieve the look of "that girl", but we can spot the different between looking like "that girl" and being "that girl". It all has to do with manners!
Nowadays, people are so into their images they forget to work on their behavior. Having a great face, but being super rude and obnoxious just makes you look just disgusting and hated.
"That girl" is nice, sweet, well mannered. She knows etiquette and how to behave.
To learn more about etiquette, I recommand to watch Sofia Marbella's Videos on Tiktok.
Apply her tips and see how elegant you'll become!

XOXO 💋 & See you next Monday!

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