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  Written by PLAN LUXE. Everybody wants to be "that girl". I see thousands of videos on tiktok and insta where girls share tips to...

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Written by PLAN LUXE.

Winter is definitely my favourite season! I love the cold, staying at home with your favourite hot chocolate. Winter is such a vibe!
I also think my fashion style is way more elegant chic and cute in winter, thanks to the cashmere sweaters!

Talking about fashion style, winter also means wearing coats.
Some wear only one jacket all winter. Others alternate between 2 or 3 jackets. 
Whatever type of person you are it is time to draw a list of the best coat we, PLAN LUXE BABES, could wear this winter!

Let's get started!

💋Faux fur 

This one is timeless! Furs have an elegant quality to them that will always turn heads no matter where you happen to be wearing it


Leather jackets are classified as a “form-fitting” type of outerwear, meaning they contour to the shape of your body. This is important because form-fitting clothes will enhance and compliment your natural appearance


Midid lengh coats look equally amazing on women, giving them an air of elegance and class.


Puffer coats are not the easiest fashion item to work with, because they run the risk of overwhelming you if you are not careful. ButThe cozy and comfy quilted puffer jacket offers insulation, warmth and an adorable bundled up aesthetic. 

Tell me which type of coats you already have and which one is your fav! 

XOXO💋 & See you next Monday!

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