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  Written by PLAN LUXE. Everybody wants to be "that girl". I see thousands of videos on tiktok and insta where girls share tips to...

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Written by PLAN LUXE.

I have natural wavy hair and everybody loves to touch my hair because they are so unusual.

Mermaid hair are so special because they are rare. You often get to see straight hair, curly hair, but wavy hair? Um... not that much.

There was a trend recently that pushed people to turn their hair wavy, and most people didn't manage to maintain any results even when they use this famous device everybody saw on instagram.

So either you want to follow this trend or just want to try a new hairstyle for prom, I'll give you all the secret to get mermaid hair that lasts from a natural wavy haired girl! 
The good new is it works whatever type of hair you have!

So Let's dive into it babe!


First and foremost, you need to have healthy hair to start playing with them! Do regularly hair mask and trim them so they stay healthy!
I give more information on my post "", you'll find what are the best hair masks to use!


So once you washed your hair, brush your mane softly and do small braids almost like africain braids (like in the pic, but don't start from the roots though) while they are still wet!


While doing those tiny braids apply coconut oil on your hair. Every part of your hair should have coconut oil on it, EXCEPT FOR THE ROOTS! Why? Because your hair will look super oily if you do so!
So Be careful! Be generous when applying coconut oil, especially if you have super thin hair. Coconut oil will help maintain the wavy shape and add shine.


Let your hair dry (don't use any device, the air around + time will do the work!).

If you have natural straight hair you shouldn't get that much frizz when your hair will dry. But if you have thick hair, usually you'll get some frizz toward the roots. Don't panic! When you undo your braids once they are totally dry, take your straightener and straigten ONLY the roots!

And... that's it babe! It is that simple!

Now you have all the tips and hacks to maintain the mermaid hair of your dream babe! Follow those steps and tell me what's your result!


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