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  Written by PLAN LUXE. Everybody wants to be "that girl". I see thousands of videos on tiktok and insta where girls share tips to...

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Written by PLAN LUXE.

Last time, I was lost on the internet and found the title of a book that put a smile on my face. "French Women Don't Get Fat" by Mireille Guiliano. So I read some articles about her book that were saying stuff like:

"French women don’t get fat, but they do eat bread and pastry, drink wine, and regularly enjoy three-course meals. In her delightful tale, Mireille Guiliano unlocks the simple secrets of this “French paradox” -– how to enjoy food and stay slim and healthy. "

"Her basic advice is: Eat only good food (as in good quality). Relax and savor every bite like french girls do!"

You know I'm french and the reality is FRENCH GIRLS DO PUT ON WEIGHT, but probably not has much as most people! For example, only 11 percent of French people are obese compared to 30 percent of Americans who are 30 pounds heavier than a healthy weight. 

Personally I never had an issue with my weight unlike my sisters.
My sisters always ask me, whenever they want to start a new diet because they have some extra pounds/kilos,  what I do to never put on weight. 
The reality is I have about the same weight (and height) ever since I'm 14-15. And when I put on weight it's never more than 3 kilos.
I never weight myself only at the doctor meaning less than 2-3 times a year.  
So how come I never put on weight whereas my sisters do? Why is this even possible when you know that we have approximately the same genetics and eat the same food our parents cook!

The answer is super simple! The only thing that sets us apart may seem a little tiny detail but THIS TINY DETAIL MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!


You can do all the new trending diets, all the sport you want, but if you keep eating candies on your way back home, or eating crips & soda while watching Netflix, you'll never manage to get a healthy weight!

Snacking is such a bad habit that a lot of people have but they don't even know it's bad. People eat all the time thinking it is normal but it is not! YOU NEED TO EAT WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY NOT WHEN YOU FEEL YOU WANT TO EAT! This is so hard for people (especially my sisters!) to understand but it is crucial if you want to have an healthy weight and lifestyle!

What I personally do, is to eat only when my "stomach hurts from hunger", you know, when your stomach starts making weird noises! I'm talking about this feeling you have at that moment!
Most people can't even make the difference between the DESIRE to eat, and FEELING HUNGRY!

This habit I have comes to me naturally because I've been like that ever since I'm a child. But I understand that it is hard for people to get that habit when they've been eating all day long, all their lives. It is even harder when people around you are like that too! 

I know it is super hard to change, but DON'T YOU GIVE UP AND STAY MOTIVATED! You can make that habit yours too! This healthy habit of not eating between meals will give you so much benefits you'll never want to go back!
I'm gonna list the wonderful benefits of "not eating between meals", I've seen on me and you're gonna see on you soon:

  • You'll be able to eat normal amount of cakes, soda, and candies without putting on weight! And the best part is your body will tell you when you need to stop eating too much of these, by making you feel disgusted!
  • You'll never be stressed about your weight or about weighting yourself ever again.
  • You'll have way more energy than you have now!
  • You'll have no/less pimples and your skin will glow. (Bye bye highlighters!)
  • You'll ultimately be healthier and feel confident in your body!

Another important factor is to eat with all five senses. Appreciate what you eat! Make eating a special time! Turn off TV and talk to your friends/familly about your day. Eat slowly. For example, I personally take at least 40 minutes to eat at diner! And most french people are like that, we certainly don't eat in 15 minutes, this is called force feeding! 
By paying attention to what I eat, it allows me to actually eat less because I'm actually appreciating every bite of what I'm tasting. 

Of course, you also need to do sport regularly and have a balance diet to have a healthy weight. 

You'll see, having that habit of not eating between meals will help reach and maintain your healthy weight goal way quicker!


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  1. Good advice! Love your blog so much yami!